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SB Funk Zone Live Bimonthly Events Start March 29th

Featuring 19 Local Businesses & Artists

SB Funk Zone Live, a series of bimonthly “arts, wine, dine and shop events” will launch on March 29th, 2024. Similar to the popular Downtown Santa Barbara 1st Thursday monthly events, Funk Zone venues will open their doors late from 5-8 pm on the last Fridays of every other month (November will be swapped for Dec due to the holiday).

19 local businesses are on board for the first event.  Business owners and artists gathered together at Jill Johnson’s Lovelorn/Rodeo Gallery to brainstorm, network and collaborate on advertising.

 “It’s exciting to see the Funk Zone’s business sector joining forces and creative energy to support each other. Everyone understands the Arts are Santa Barbara's economic superheroes, boosting tourism, creating jobs, and supporting local businesses. Our vibrant arts scene isn't just beautiful—it's a powerhouse for our economy, showing that creativity has the amazing ability to bring prosperity to our wonderful city!" cheers Jana Brody the coordinator of the events.

 Bringing together the larger community for festivities, SB Funk Zone Live promises a unique and eclectic experience for locals and visitors alike and is suitable for all ages.

Each registered venue with have an art element included; nonart venues are asked to feature a local artist, band, or poet.  For example; La Lieff & We Want The Funk will be hosting live music on Gray Avenue.

About SB Funk Zone Live:

SB Funk Zone Live series dates are  March 29. May 31, July 26, Sept.27, and  Dec. 6.2024

Participating venues will be open 5:00 - 8:00 pm.

Santa Barbara's Funk Zone is a hub for arts, dining, wine, beer, spirits, retail shops, hotels, creative energy and unique culture. JOIN US FOR FUN-K

Celebrate art, music, wine, and dining in the vibrant Funk Zone of Santa Barbara.


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