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Ask Me Anything Interview Series Features Funk Zone Arts & Culture Figures

The Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative is hosting an informal online interview series with Santa Barbara arts & culture figures, and has conducted two interviews so far with Funk Zone arts & culture figures — first with Dug Uyeseka and Michael Irwin, who maintain studios at Studio 121 (at 121 Santa Barbara Street), and second with Sharyn Main of Acme Hospitality, whose restaurants in the Funk Zone include The Lark, Lucky Penny, Helena Avenue Bakery, and more.

Both interviews are wide-ranging and present fascinating insights into creative processes, decision making, and each creative thinker's life journey.

Ask Me Anything has featured many other figures from the wider Santa Barbara cultural scene as well, including Nathan Vonk whose Sullivan Goss Gallery can be visited in downtown Santa Barbara, Judy Larson from the Westmont Museum of Art which is also readily available to visitors, and many many arts and cultural creators that help make Santa Barbara the unique place that it is.

The complete archive of Ask Me Anything interviews is available at (A Facebook account is not necessary to view the videos.)


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