What is the Space Like?

Lit Moon Theatre's "Hard Rain" performing in the CAW's Assembly Room in December of 2016

A panorama of the CAW its currently renovated state, facing south.

A lecture by photographer Nell Campbell in the CAW's Assembly Room in November of 2016.

Lit Moon Theatre's "Hard Rain" performing in the CAW's Assembly Room in December of 2016


The Community Arts Workshop is two buildings and four separate spaces of workshop, gallery, performance, classroom, rehearsal, and open space. While not yet complete, the possibilities for use of the space are endless.

Here you can see the four separate spaces. The north building contains a small workshop, a long narrow room well-suited to a gallery or board meeting, and a large "assembly" or performance room. The south building ("The Shed") is a larger workshop space.

Current Dimensions:

Shed: 45’x30’ (ceiling height 12’ 6”)
Assembly Room: 52’ x 34’ (12’ 10” to bottom beam)
The Ortega Room: 38’ x 17’
The Gallery and Community Room: 34’ x 13’
Full site approx. 115’ x 130’, approx. 15,000 sq. ft.


These are elevations of the front of the buildings - you can see how they will look from the street.

Ironwork artist David Shelton has designed two spectacular gates reflecting one of the CAW's anchor tenants, the Summer Solstice Celebration: one gate for the Summer Solstice and one gate for the Winter Solstice.  They include symbols and mythic figures from the legends surrounding the two solstices.

Two buildings, four spaces, endless possibilities. 


The space is still under renovation, but we are able to accommodate certain events, and we'd love to talk to you about the possibilities for the future. Please contact us!