Help Build the Community Arts Workshop. 




Shed/Workshop (South building)                                            $500,000

Large Rehearsal/Performance Space (North building)        $500,000

David Shelton-designed public art gates (2)                           $250,000     each

Michael Gonzales Plaza                                                             $250,000

Gallery/Community Meeting Room                                        $250,000

Small rehearsal & classroom (Ortega-side North bldg)    $100,000     SOLD

Summer and Winter Solstice Gardens                                    $25,000       each

Restrooms                                                                                    $25,000       each

Office spaces                                                                                $25,000       each

Donor Wall sponsor                                                                   $50,000


**We have a number of smaller donation level recognition opportunities that will be available as part of our public campaign. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss the options!

The Santa Barbara Community Arts Workshop will be a "backstage" for the arts – a working studio for artists to create, build, perform, and engage our community.


A self-sustaining center for innovation and creativity, the CAW was established to perpetuate artistic proficiency.


After years of temporary locations and increasing community needs, the CAW is poised and ready to launch the creation of this new permanent environment, with gallery, rehearsal, training and performance space, shop fabrication, and a center for collaboration and celebration


With a secure lease and kick-off grant from the City of Santa Barbara, the Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative's campaign for the Community Arts Workshop is an opportunity for you to help create this workshop for the community, for the artists, and for you


You can donate online at the button below. For more ways to donate, including naming opportunities, contact Marianne Clark, Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative Board President, at or (805) 455-4521.