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Community Art Workshops

Learn from some of Santa Barbara’s most exciting art teachers and mentors and create in community at the Community Arts Workshop.

Classes begin February 5, and options are available throughout February and March 2019 

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In 2019, invest in your emotional health and creativity. Dedicate a night or two a week to learn from Santa Barbara’s most exciting art teachers, mess around, create in community, and learn something new at the Community Arts Workshop.

The CAW is piloting a brand new program called exactly what they are: “Community Art Workshops.” It’s an attempt to do something kind of special: to teach not just artistic skills but art skills as life skills. How theatrical improv teaches collaboration. How drawing teaches attention. How dance teaches freedom of movement and creativity. How the arts in general foster lifelong creativity and community health, no matter who you are, in what profession.

We’ve brought together a posse of some really special Santa Barbara teachers, each with years of experience teaching professionals and community members alike. Classes are scheduled to fit around participants’ work and school hours, are affordably priced (with scholarships available), and conveniently downtown. 

In 2019, take an opportunity to expand your perspective and animate your spirit and vision at the Community Arts Workshop. 

The Creative Communities Project Presents:

Arts and Culture Masterplan Vision Sessions

One more opportunity in Santa Barbara starting March 21
Dates in Santa Maria, Buellton, Lompoc and Goleta Coming up

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Come help develop an inclusive and sustainable cultural arts master plan for the entire county of Santa Barbara!

A cultural practitioner is a person, group, or an organization that contributes to, nurtures, advances, and engages with the arts and cultural vitality of Santa Barbara County.




Sign up HERE for a visioning session today!

Your ideas matter.


Visit our website to learn more:

The Creative Communities Project is an effort to create a cultural arts masterplan for Santa Barbara County, looking at the long-term concerns and opportunities in arts and culture and developing a roadmap for the future growth, vitality, and sustainability of Santa Barbara County’s cultural sector.

You are invited to pick one of the available three-hour visioning sessions. These facilitated sessions are exciting, dynamic, and collaborative opportunities to include your ideas for the future Santa Barbara County Cultural Arts Master Plan.

These are not your typical public brainstorming sessions—a random popcorning of ideas, one or two people dominating the conversation and hidden agendas all undermine a collective impact. Empathy, thoughtfulness, respect and an environment of trust 'where every voice is captured and valued' is immediate and consistent through the entire visioning session. This is different. You'll leave the session jubilant and ready for the next steps.

The Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative is one of the partners in this effort, and we're delighted to host these sessions at the CAW next week. Come participate!

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CAW ART/talk:

Mary Heebner and Macduff Everton—
"A Marriage of Art and Life"

A conversation with two of Santa Barbara's most interesting artists about their life together and collaboration through art and marriage.

Wed. April 3, 7-9 pm

Mary Heebner is a fine artist using handmade paper and mixed media in her large scale works on paper, often resulting in related Fine Art Books. Macduff Everton is a Fine Art Photographer, featured for years in major publications, and a visual anthropologist for his work on the contemporary Maya.

Both of their work is collected in many public and private institutions. 

This CAW ART/talk, like the first with the Shelton group, will focus on artist collaboration: beginning with Mary and Macduff’s individual histories in Santa Barbara, their initial trip to Tulum Mexico when they fell in love, their artist luminary wedding, and the subsequent trajectory of their art work together. Years of travel and consistent practice have produced a broad and rich body of work for them individually as they have been inspired by their life together. 

Their long-time friend Patsy Hicks, Director of Education at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, will facilitate their storytelling, with large projections of their works. Their trips to Iceland, Patagonia, Chile and the American West are sure to provide a dynamic visual presentation. The content of their work illuminates varied and diverse topics such as environmental change, feminism, poetry, and multi-cultural awareness. 

April is also National Poetry month, and Mary’s fine art book, On the Blue Shore of Silence: Poems by the Sea by Pablo Neruda, will be on exhibit at Santa Barbara City Hall Gallery April 3-May 25, 2019.